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Romantic Road trip on the Oregon Coast - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, OR

About 2 year(s) ago by Master Account
Romantic Road trip on the Oregon Coast - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, OR

Looking to plan a quick little escape with your partner near Coos Bay, Oregon – romantic, breathtaking and cozy?  Combine our Romantic Package at the Quality Inn and Suites with a road trip along the magnificent Oregon coast for a getaway you'll never forget!

First things first: book a room with us and you'll enjoy a comfy space, along with complimentary champagne and breakfast in the morning.  Then use our top 4 tips for a romantic road trip and make memories to cherish for years to come:

  • Pack a picnic
    Nothing kills the mood faster than a case of the hangrys, so prepare in advance with a packed picnic of favorite foods. No need to get fancy – just pick up some of your partners' most beloved prepared snacks and drinks, fresh cut fruit… and, don't forget the chocolate!  You'll be ready to break for nibbles at a romantic spot with healthy, delicious fare – while scoring bonus points for thoughtful and prepared!

  • Bring the tunes
    While you're planning the trip, create a custom Spotify playlist with your partners' favorite love songs. And before you head out, pick up a small wireless speaker so you'll be ready to set the mood at a moment's notice.

  • Put the top down
    Have a convertible… or the budget to rent one for the weekend? If so (and if the weather plays along!): queue up that Spotify playlist, put the top down and roll down the with tunes in the air and the wind blowing in your hair.

  • Recharge in Coos Bay
    When you're ready to relax, our town is ready to serve. Check out our favorite places for beer & cocktails, plus the top spots to enjoy fresh and local Oregon seafood nearby.
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