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North Bend, Oregon (541) 756-3191
12 Nov 2015
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Best Cafes and Coffee in Coos Bay

Best Cafes and Coffee in Coos Bay

Because as tried and true coast cruisers, we know that nothing goes with the vast ocean and endless beach than a hot cup of coffee or a hearty sandwich. With that being said, we rounded up a bushel of our favorite little joints for a cup of joe or a sub. Without further adieu, here they are! 

The Smiling Dog Cafe

Cafe, Deli, Sandwiches

N. Bayshore Dr.

This place is great for paninis and dog watching! Yes, they allow dogs here. It's a puppy and sandwich-lover's heaven.


Cafe 1297

American cuisine, cafe

Ocean Blvd.

Feel like playing slots and getting big helpings of delicious food like clam chowder? Go to Three Rivers Casino and find this gem inside.


The Grounds Cafe

Tea, coffee, cafe

Sherman Ave.

North Bend

This piping hot coffee house is located inside Books By the Bay, a favorite bookstore among locals. Whether you're craving yummy baked goods, a savory sando, or a satisfying read, this is the spot.


The Tin Thistle

Scottish food, vegetarian, cafe

Curtis Ave.

Go here for the Punjabi Bowls, pasties and absolutely lovely patio. If you've never tried a vegetarian Scottish restaurant, maybe now's the time to put it on your bucket list!

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