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15 Jan 2017
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Dogs on the Beach in Oregon - Quality Inn Coos Bay

Dogs on the Beach in Oregon - Quality Inn Coos Bay

Did you know that Oregon is considered to be Dog Heaven?  It's true – just ask any of our local pups and they'll bark in agreement! 

Here's the scoop: the entire coastline of the state is public land, designated as such by the Oregon Beach Bill of 1967. This decree guaranteed free and uninterrupted use of all 363 miles of coastline to everyone… and their dogs.

Now, the truth is, not every stretch of beach is dog-friendly. There are a (very) few exceptions where dogs are not allowed to romp in the sand – and other beaches where they're required to be leashed. For the most part, though, our Oregon coast is as welcoming to dogs as it is to their owners!

Our Pet Friendly Package welcomes you to bring your four-legged friend and includes comfy accommodations for two with a complimentary breakfast, and complimentary dog treats for your best buddy. We'll also give you directions to the best nearby dog-friendly beaches, so you can explore the coast as it was intended to be explored: with your trusty companion by your side.

Here are a few tips to keep your dog happy and safe on our scenic coast:

  • Remember, the water temperatures are cold year-round.
  • Take special care of the waves if your dog isn't a strong swimmer, as our waters are often rough.
  • Keep an eye on what they drink: fresh water only, salt water is a no-no.
  • Be sure to give their fur a thorough rinse after you're done playing in the salt and sand.
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