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07 Nov 2016
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Enjoy Coos Bay with your pup: our Pet Friendly Package makes it easy!

Enjoy Coos Bay with your pup: our Pet Friendly Package makes it easy!

Looking to enjoy Coos Bay in the fall – but don't want to leave your beloved pup behind?  Bring ‘em along and explore the breathtaking Oregon coast with your BFF by your side!

Dogs (25 pounds and under) are welcomed as honored guests with our Pet-Friendly Package, including pet-friendly accommodations for two - plus your furry friend. We'll provide a complimentary doggie treat for Fido, plus a complimentary hot breakfast for two in the morning. And with hundreds of miles of dog-friendly beaches and numerous area parks nearby, we'll tell you all the best spots for your adventures together.

Here are some tips for making traveling with your dog a breeze:

• Secure your dog in the car
Fido's safety is a top priority, so be sure to crate him or use a seatbelt-style restraint, available at your local pet supply shop.

• Take frequent breaks
Just as you need to stop and stretch, so does your pup.  Use available rest stops to do some jumping jacks (you) and sniff the local flowers (him).

• Go on a long walk upon arrival
Reward Fido for a job well done – and give him time to stretch his legs – by taking a solid stroll when you arrive. Letting him sniff his new surroundings and work off excess energy will help ensure a good night's sleep for you both.

• Create a safe nest in your room
Once you're checked in, keep your pup on the leash while you let him explore the space.  Then, use his favorite blanket or bed to let him know where his spot is – he'll feel more relaxed after learning his safe place in this new environment.

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