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16 Mar 2016
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Explore the beauty at Cape Arago State Park - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay

Explore the beauty at Cape Arago State Park - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay

The sounds of waves smashing against the cliffs at Cape Arago State Park are an extraordinary sound. To some, it may seem scary. And to others, soothing. If you've yet to experience the grandeur offered by this beautiful creation of nature, let this become a new item on your bucket list. 

The history of Cape Arago dates as far back as the 1500s when first sighted by Europeans. Native Americans were known to use the area more than likely for fishing. Cape Arago is at the end of Cape Arago Highway and nestled just underneath the cliffs. A naturally created Cove developed which provides an excellent home for plant and sea life in its intercoastal tidepool. 

Cape Arago State Park has two trails for your hiking pleasure. The north trail takes you on an exploration of beachcombing, fishing and viewing of sea lions and seals. The south trail leads you towards the tidal pools where you can explore fossils and sea plants. Visitors are welcome to visit the park year round; however, due to the seal pups birthing during the months of March - June, the north trail is closed to the public. There is plenty to see and do during these months, as the gray whales are migrating their way up the southern Oregon coast, and this is a sight to see!

If you are staying at Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, please allow our courteous and professional staff to assist you with any additional suggestions for things to do in the area to help make you stay the best!  


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