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North Bend, Oregon (541) 756-3191
01 Feb 2017
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Romantic Hotel Retreat Tips - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, Oregon

Romantic Hotel Retreat Tips - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, Oregon

Escaping "real life" for a night or two – or, when time allows, a week or more – can help put the zing back into any relationship. So clear some time from your busy schedules and surprise your sweetie with a trip to the romantic Oregon coast. While you're at it, up the romance-o-meter with our 5 tips for making your stay with us a romantic dream come true:

1. Call ahead to a local bakery and florist, and have your partners' favorite treats and flowers waiting in the room when you arrive. Be sure to alert the front desk to your plan, and they'll help every step of the way.

2. Create a music playlist of your favorite songs – ones which remind you of special vacations and meaningful times together. After you arrive, pop the playlist on "repeat" as you settle into your retreat.

3. Bubbly is a special occasion in a bottle, so bring along a bottle or two and chill it in the ice bucket when you arrive.

4. Choose a restaurant in advance and make a reservation – ask the host if they can put candles on the table or create a special dessert just for the two of you.

5. In the morning, head to our lobby and bring back complimentary hot breakfast for your partner to enjoy in bed. Nothing says "I love you" more sweetly than a morning coffee between the sheets!

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