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23 Jan 2017
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Romantic Ways to Express Your Love - Quality Inn Coos Bay, OR

Romantic Ways to Express Your Love - Quality Inn Coos Bay, OR

It's a fact: just like plants in your garden, relationships need tending in order to stay happy and healthy. But, in our busy world, sometimes it's hard to find time to show our love as we'd like to. 

When you know your relationship needs some "Us Time," we're here to help! Our Romance Package sets the stage for an intimate time away, featuring a cozy room for two, complimentary champagne and complimentary hot breakfast.

While you're away on your special retreat together, take every opportunity to show your love.  After booking a cozy room with us be sure to keep the fire building throughout your time together. Here are five more ways to show the apple of your eye they're truly the most special person in your life:

  1. After taking a shower, write "I love you" on the steamy bathroom mirror for your beloved to find.
  2. Bring along a mix CD you've created especially for your retreat, with meaningful songs chosen just for your love.
  3. Hide a bouquet of your beloveds' favorite flowers in the trunk of the car, then present them upon arrival at the hotel. They'll make a beautiful and fragrant addition to your time together.
  4. Slip a sweet love note under their pillow, for them to discover at a surprise moment. Take some time and write all the reasons you adore them, declaring your undying affection and gratitude for their presence in your life.

Choose a special restaurant nearby for your romantic dinner – from Italian to Asian and Mexican to brewpub, it's a delicious way to express your affection through the sensory experience of taste.

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