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19 Nov 2015
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Thanksgiving Dinner at Black Market Gourmet in Coos Bay

Thanksgiving Dinner at Black Market Gourmet in Coos Bay

Black Market Gourmet is one of Coos Bay's true gourmet food gems and a wonderfully unique dining experience unlike most others. If you're in Coos Bay on any regular day, you can always walk up to the little stand out front and order up some vegan, organic or vegetarian cuisine, but if you know the right people (hey, like us!) with the right information, you might get the chance to partake in one of their special occasion events or prix fixe dinners held inside the main store. The Thanksgiving Dinner at Black Market Gourmet is one such event and a tantalizing alternative to spending hours in the hot kitchen!


So this year, instead of sweating and slaving over the oven, dive into this gourmet feast buffet dinner with your best friends and family where you can all relax. Choose champagne or sparkling cider and top it off with a selection of small dessert options! Why not make it an all around luxurious holiday weekend with no dishes whatsoever and stay with us at Quality Inn and Suites Coos Bay? What better way to celebrate the holiday of gratitude and thanks than a walk along the beach and the sea and sand in your toes?


Date: Thanksgiving Day, 11/26/15

Time: 2:30 - 5 p.m.

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