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13 Mar 2017
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Top 4 Tips for Happy Travels With Kids - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, OR

Top 4 Tips for Happy Travels With Kids - Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, OR

You may be a veteran traveler, ready to pull up at your home-away-from-home with just a suitcase in hand and settle in for a spell.  But when it's time to bring the kids along for a hotel stay, get ready for a different experience. Traveling with kids can be rewarding, challenging… and, oftentimes, both at once. But a little advance planning goes a long way – so check out our top 4 tips for a family hotel stay you'll all love:

1. Room to breathe
When possible, reserve a large room or suite to give everyone space to spread out. The extra room is worth it: your kids will have room for their stuff and themselves, while you can choose your own sleep schedule independent of theirs.

2. Occupy their minds
A busy kid is a happy kid, so keep their brains engaged. Every child has their favorite pastime, so load up a tablet with games and videos, check out an extra pile of a library book or prepare a portable crafts kit in advance.

3. Pick a destination they'll enjoy
If they're not into history, no amount of cajoling will get them in the mood for reading endless roadside historical plaques. Our location on the magnificent Oregon coast gives kids endless miles to run free while you wander and ponder the great blue sea.

4. Call Ahead
Even off-season travelers can be surprised when they pull up to a hotel at the end of a long day, only to find themselves out in the cold.  And when traveling with kids, this isn't a good situation to find yourselves ina. So no matter the season, book your room in advance to ensure a comfy landing pad for the whole family.

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