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27 Feb 2017
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Winter Travel Tips on the Oregon Coast - Quality Inn & Suites, Coos Bay OR

Winter Travel Tips on the Oregon Coast - Quality Inn & Suites, Coos Bay OR

Road trips are the best trips, and the Oregon coast is no exception! With our 363 miles of public coastline, there's no better place to meander, wander and roam.

Our weather – as you may have heard – can be temperamental, and while it does make for magnificent photo backdrops we have a few travel tips for your wintertime journey along our winding roads.  Here are four ways to make sure your trip is safe, secure and fun:

1. Winter temperatures average from the 40s to 50s during the day, dropping to the mid-30s at night. Make sure you've packed waterproof outerwear, warm clothes, and an extra blanket in the car to be prepared.

2. One of the wonders of Oregon is the freedom to drive on the beach. While certain spots are open to this in the summer, there are wintertime restrictions you'll want to check out before hitting the sand. Up-to-date notifications are available at

3. Road conditions can vary greatly along even a short stretch of road – from lowland flooding to higher-elevation freezes. We want you to have fun and be safe while doing it, so check in with the Oregon Department of Transportation for current conditions on coastal roads:  800-977-6388.

4. Pay attention to the weather and modify your plans according to what you see out the window and hear from local updates. When the sky is blue… drop whatever you're doing and run outside! We never know how long it will last, so soak up the sunshine whenever it appears. If the weather turns and road conditions seem tricky, go with your gut: relax and enjoy another cup of coffee while the rain blows past.

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