Hotel Near Cape Arago Lighthouse

Situated along the southern coast of Oregon's Chief's Island off Gregory Point, sits the Cape Arago Lighthouse just west of Coos Bay. Easily recognizable due to its distinct fog horn and signature three white flashes every 30 seconds, the lighthouse stands at 44 feet above sea level and was first illuminated in 1934. Although it is not open to the public, visitors can get a glimpse and take pictures of this historic Oregon landmark from a few different vantage points. Head to Shore Acres State Park and embark on a hike to Yoakam Point for picturesque views of the lighthouse. It also can be more closely viewed from Lighthouse Beach or the bridge on the north end of Chief's Island.

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  • FAQs

    • Are drones allowed in Cape Arago State Park?

      In order to protect the wildlife and the surroundings, drones are not allowed in Cape Arago State Park. This includes all radio-controlled aircraft along Cape Arago, Shore Acres, Sunset Bay, and Norton Gulch.
    • How do I get to Cape Arago Lighthouse?

      Cape Arago Lighthouse is 20 miles south of Quality Inn & Suites Coos Bay, located at the tip of Sunset Bay State Park. Although it is not open to the public, you can get the best vista points along Cape Arago Highway with great views from Lighthouse Beach. Getting there is easy. From Highway 101 in Coos Bay, head west on Newmark Street, which will eventually turn into Cape Arago Highway. Once you pass Sunset Bay State Park, you'll see an entrance on the left to a camping area and a pullout for parking on the right. From there you can walk to a viewpoint where you can see the Cape Arago Lighthouse in the distance.

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